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At the Paterra Law Firm, we are dedicated to representing businesses big and small as well as individuals in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. We regularly appear in federal and state courts, in federal and state administrative agencies, before the National Labor Relations Board, and in mediation and arbitration forums. We represent clients on a local and national level. We work closely with our clients to identify goals and objectives, to develop a realistic budget and effectively manage the case. We staff our litigation and non-litigation matters to provide value to our clients.

Our experience covers a broad range of industries, including construction, health care, grocery, manufacturing, technology, not-for-profit, and others. Our practice encompasses all areas of labor and employment law, including advising management on a wide range of human resources and personnel issues. We also counsel employers on compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations concerning governing employment and employee relations. We represent management in matters relating to labor relations issues with unions and labor organization efforts of employees. We defend employers in lawsuits and administrative proceedings for claims of employment discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, civil rights violations, employment torts, denial of employment benefits and other employment-related issues. We represent clients in matters involving all aspects of labor and employment law: negotiation, preparation and enforcement of employment agreements, severance agreements, and restrictive covenants.

Additionally, we regularly hold seminars and are asked to participate in training to educate our clients as well as our fellow colleagues regarding labor and employment law matters.

Labor Relations Law & Prevention Practices

With regard to labor relations, we measure our success by preventing unions from organizing employees and giving our clients the flexibility to continue to operate their businesses successfully throughout any type of union activity.

We know the unions, we know the issues, and we know how to resolve them, both legally and practically.

Our first strategy and main goal is always union avoidance. To do so, we learn as much as possible about our clients and their employees, so we can better anticipate legal issues before they surface. We recommend prevention practices through preventive labor relations, audits/workforce analysis, supervisory training, review of employee manuals, and general labor relations consultation.

We have an ability to construct strategies unique to each client—strategies that result in successfully resisting union efforts to organize employees. We work in close collaboration with our clients, getting to know their business, their employees and their issues.

Our team includes attorneys, labor consultants, and industry and trade organization to keep at the forefront of labor issues throughout the United States.

Representing Employees

Many employees are not aware of the full range of employment rights they have. If you feel that you are being retaliated against, discriminated against, harassed, or not paid correctly, we are available to sit down with you and discuss your options. We have the resources and experience to fully resolve or litigate any claim you may have.

Employees can face discrimination, harassment, and other unlawful treatment in matters such as employment contracts, reasonable accommodations, pre-employment/personality testing, wages, overtime, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and more. If you have made a complaint about your workplace and believe you were fired or are being retaliated against because of it, our seasoned legal team can assist you in determining whether your complaint entitles you to legal protection from retaliation, and, if so, whether the employer’s actions are unlawful. An employer may not engage in retaliation for complaints, including internal complaints,that are based on a good faith belief that unlawful harassment or discrimination is taking place. We can also help to protect your rights by providing legal advice, reviewing contracts, and the like.

We routinely provide representation and advice regarding severance agreements. It is important to ask legal questions before signing a severance agreement because the waiver or release of claims is likely valid and will prevent legal action once you sign.

We encourage employees to be proactive and knowledgeable about their employee rights—if you have questions or would like to discuss your rights specifically please call the Paterra Law Firm.

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"As with many small businesses, mine was presenting with a hurdle where I needed someone's expert opinion and assistance. I did my research and found Alex. I read through some of the other recommendations and reviews I found and had a good feeling that Alex could help me in my situation. I called Alex and from the very beginning he was extremely helpful.

Alex was able to explain to me, in depth, more about the hurdle I was facing and provided me with several options to assist me in getting over it. We made a plan of action and were able to get past it, allowing me to focus more on my business. What I admired about Alex was his tenacity as well as his communication. He kept me well informed through every step, as each step was happening.

Alex has my highest recommendation and we'd certainly call him again if in need.'

- Thomas W.
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